Our team: Erica Lynn, John Corbett & Ruby Dirks

Do you have plans to grow your share of the high end, residential renovation market in New York City? We are an internet research firm with a proven method for targeting the concerns of your ideal, high value client when they do research on the web. Research leads are EARLY leads, and early leads produce the most profitable client matchups.

OUR METHOD is to use your unique project history to target the concerns of your ideal client, so that:

  1. You dominate Google for the keywords your ideal client is using, and get the visit.

  2. You address the specific concerns of your ideal client, and get the lead.

We have been developing targeted, productive online content for the high end building specialists since 1999. We work with you EXCLUSIVELY, so you will have a priority market advantage, in your footprint. Let’s talk about how such an advantage could help you to reach your goals.


"John Corbett was a lifesaver, he turned our website into a reliable lead producer. Now it’s our main source of clients.”

-John Learnard, Color Alchemist Company of Painters
Client since 2009.


“I don’t care about hits, I care about leads that turn into projects. This website has paid for itself many times over because Corbett Research Group took the trouble to understand our clients.”

William Gould, William Gould Architectural Preservation
Client since 2003.


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